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Found 1 result

  1. MushFlush

    Whole Oat Prep

    This is not my tek, but I like this grain and it works. My particular method is No Soak, No Simmer. That's just what I do. I did it with white millet forever, got turned on to this grain, simply loving it. NSNS is not for everyone, but if you do it right it works every time. I know there are other members here that use this grain, but prepare it different methods. If you are one of those, and you're reading this, please chime in with how you get your oats in a jar. This thread is WHOLE OATS PREP...so let's get a couple methods in the mix. You'll need: Widemouth Quart Jars Proper Grainspawn Lids WHOLE Oats (not steel cut, not rolled, not groats, not fried, not fricasseed...WHOLE. You can get 50lb bags at a farm n feed store, or online. Go for premium grade. Shit is cheap, so don't skimp) Measuring Cup Water *optional* Gypsum Here we go.... Step 1: Put 1 cup of oats in a jar Step 2: Put 2/3 cup (175 ml) of water in the oat jar **optional and what I do, mix a pinch of gypsum in a quart jar of water so it looks like dirty water. use that as your water** Step 3: Stir the contents to get the oats all wet. Lid up. Foil on top. Put in PC @15 psi for 90 min. Step 4: Once the PC drops pressure, carefully remove the jars with heavy gloves or oven mitt etc, and shake them. What you need to do is smack the jars on your hand to break up the mass really good, and hold it horizontal, shaking it forward, backward, side to side, tip it, twirl it...mix that shit up real good. Also, you can take the foil off at this point, no need trying to do all that and keep the foil on. its just a splashguard for the PC anyways. Set them in a cardboard box or back in the PC. Now over the next hour, repeat this process every 15 or 20 min, until the grains look 'wet' but don't stick together and fall freely within the jar. You can be more or less diligent. I tend to be more frequent while its hot. The moisture will distribute easier while its got some heat to it. The idea is to let it cool slowly, while mixing it up every so often, until its cool. You should end up with 2 cups of hydrated, mycelium soma, ready for you to inoculate with your species of choice. I hope this helps y'all get some great grain spawn. Flush that Mush! Anyone else that does a different method, please contribute and make this a full Tek worthy thread. Give everyone as many options as they need to rock it like a boss!
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