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Found 10 results

  1. Ok. Absolutely first time attempt. Thought I had all my ducks in a row but I keep reading more and more on other teks. Originally, my plan was to use strobes no fail for spawn(no-brainer to me), and then saw the Tek on zombie tubs. Seems the best as far as eliminating possibility of contamination. But will these type of tubs work for Rez? If not then fine, could somebody please specify, to the most simplistic, which sub to use. I have no desire to case, but if needed... Mush appreciated
  2. Noob here. First post. Alright so I did the zombie tub, about 1.25 wbs spawn to 1 bulk. Things have been going better than I could've expected in my fully carpeted crib I cut my to half holes on the wrong side but it seems to be doing ok, spawn ran for 5 days, this is has been fruiting for 2 days. Fruiting in closet with small ass fan facing opposite wall and light random day light bulb 12/12. I believe these are the beginning of hyphal knots and primordia but I'm unsure. Mycelium is looking spiky. Essentially, I'd like to have an estimation as to when my tubs will be ready for a flush? I know I can't get an exact estimation but if it helps, I live in a dry climate. I'll be leaving to vaycay in 10 days. Kind of freaking out. I'm also curious how the moisture looks? Edit: https://imgur.com/a/1XSkyOL
  3. Brad


    After monotub failure i made 3 z-tubs. More attention to sterile tek was used. After the colonizing in ic was done i took my first peek to find 2 awesome tubs and 1 turning green. Last night i did the whole shower and gloves thing and cased the 2 good ones. Here is a pic of them. Now to tape the bottom to prevent side pins. Wish me luck on this 2nd attempt.
  4. MushMouth92

    GT pin porn

    Yesterday i saw a few hyphal knots turning to pins, today it's full blown pin city, hopefully two more days till I got a couple oz, these are just two of ten tubs I got going so right now, any feedback is appreciated
  5. OpenBar

    Ajax Tub

    From the album: ....

  6. This is essentially my first time spawning grain to bulk. 5 days ago I made up 3 zombie tubs using a quart of colonized WBS for each. I guess it had been a while since reading the bulk teks and so when I mixed the sub and grains, I did not cover w/ foil like the tek says to do. Should I do that now or just let it finish colonizing as is? I was planning to let it colonize 10 days and it's at the halfway point and I don't want to open them if I don't have to....I don't want it to contaminate! BTW the sub is coffee/coir, I followed MZ's tek. I pasteurized instead of PC the substrate.
  7. From the album: Str0balific Fungi Experience

    [color=#ffff00]Here are the results of a Zombietub. Around 2oz dry.[/color]
  8. Those Who Were

    Buffalos GWM in 17qt zombie

    What up friends.. Here is some GWM in a 17 qt zombie tub.. I used the zombie tub tek and used 9 qts total with 3qts of spawn to 6 qts of coir and vermiculite and cmc with 1/3 teaspoon lime per qt cmc with a 4 inch total depth after it will be cased 17qt tub setup Put mixture that is to field capacity into an oven bag and PC'd for 90 mins at 15 psi Also some syringes and needles being sterilized Let cool and here is the setup Sub and spwan mixed in Foiled up with holes covered with micropore tape In my jam packed to the rim IC at 80f Here is my trumpet royales...gonna be yummy enjoy and hope to get some monsters..
  9. From the album: Str0balific Fungi Experience

    [color=#ffff00]One of four Zombie Tub's of Koh Samui Super Strain.[/color]
  10. From the album: Str0balific Fungi Experience

    [color=#ffff00]One of four Zombie Tub's of Koh Samui Super Strain.[/color]
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